Development & Training

Opportunities from Filotico Arts

We are thrilled to introduce the 9 storytellers who will come on our TellYours2018 journey throughout 2018.
Over the next six months we will work with the Tellyours2018 Troupe to develop the UK storytelling scene, to hone these incredible storytellers skills, and to grow the public understanding of storytelling as an artform. Join us on the journey at #Tellyours2018

In this one-day workshop, one of the country’s most successful performance storytellers teaches you how to tell stories that grip, teach, shock, reveal, lie and transport to other worlds. July 22nd 2017, London.

Welcome to the first run of #TellYours, a free storyteller development programme for wordsmiths and performers aimed at diversifying the stories we hear and the voices of those who tell them. The programme was focused on developing 8 storytellers interested in reimagining and performing myths, folklore and fairy tales.