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Filotico Arts is a storytelling producer and a cultural trends consultant focused on finding, developing and positioning unusual voices across the art and business sector.

We organise events, consult for artists and cultural brands, question morals, analyse social trends, produce and execute art-led digital campaigns, and train artists in business and businesses in art.

Driven by a desire to collaborate and inspire change, Filotico Arts is led by Livia Filotico and operates through an international network of change makers across the creative industries, STEM and academia. Keeping our core skills of storytelling, strategic thinking and cross disciplinary partnership building at the heart of everything we do, each project we work on is bespoke and delivered to the highest standards.

Do you enjoy telling stories and have some experience of performance?

Are you a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation migrant?

Do you want to reimagine and perform myths, folklore and fairy tales but also ghost stories, epics, fantasy and sci-fi narratives from around the world with the help of a world-leading storyteller, theatre director and two arts producers?

Join us for #Tellyours2018, a free programme for emerging storytellers.


What we do

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As a Creative Producer I make things happen. Producing is about working in collaboration with other people to craft new pieces of work and bringing them into the world. It is about changing our environment, and changing ourselves. I have produced festivals, shows, books and magical objects.


I bring existing shows to libraries, galleries, and arts venues. Programming is about exploring knowledge and relationships. It is also about bringing together talented artists, thinkers and activists and giving them a space to explore, question, and debate.

Artistic Development

I mentor, support and advise artists. If you are an emerging storyteller, writer, artist or thinker who cares about language and words, then take a look at our opportunities. We run workshops and development programmes.

At the core of it all

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Most of our projects are carried out in partnership. This might include artists, thinkers, philosophers, scientists, witches, politicians and anyone else we think would add a diverse point of view to our portfolio. Get in touch if you want to work with us on a new project, or if you want to join one of our on-going ones.


Production of an event, an experience or an artwork is about the craft of an idea. Whereas programing is about puling together strands from people who’ve already committed to a theme, production is about zooming in

International outlook

We have worked with Italy, Russia, South and North America and we are expanding. If you’re an international collaborator, you can email me to bring our work to your city or bring yours to mine.

What My Clients Say

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I approached Livia for professional advice on sponsorships with literary organisations and PR & marketing. I was absolutely thrilled by our collaboration and, with Livia's help we were successfully able to refine our sponsorship strategy, develop literary partnerships and exceed our financial gaols for the festival. Livia has the ability to cut through the obstacles of a project and deliver the best possible results. Her experience in the publishing industry, her marketing and managerial skills, and her personal commitment to her work makes working with her an extremely positive and fruitful experience. I look forward to working with her again. Mend Mariwany
Co-founder and Managing Director of Bare Lit Festival
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The evening was a great success - I have had some very appreciative messages. You programmed it very inspiringly. Thank you. Professor Dame Marina Warner
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Part wizardress, part machine. Anyone would be quite lucky to have Livia leading projects and making magic happen. Pam Grossman
Curator and Writer
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A stunning performance. An engine for enchantment! Thank you! Ferdinando Buscema
Magic Experience Designer
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