Filotico Arts is a group of artists, creatives and collaborators working on cross-disciplinary, international, experimental projects, events and festivals. It is held together by Livia Filotico and a surrounding networks of storytellers, writers, workshops leaders, mentors, scientists, philosophers and change makers.

Livia Filotico is an organiser, an anthropology graduate, a reader of urban fantasy and cultural history, and a passionate supporter of the art of storytelling. Over the years she has worked with literary and cultural organisations, bookshops, universities and publishers to organise and promote cultural events. As well as running her own projects and managing external clients, she is also a proud 50% of Arvon’s communications team, is a fellow of The Audience Diversity Academy and a member of the AMA.

Here, Livia talks about feminism, oral literature and magic as tools for political subversion and cultural re-appropriation. Here, she discusses collaboration in art.

Livia can run your festival for you, organise and manage your creative project, and offer creative consultancies. See here for some examples of her work.

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