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We are thrilled to introduce you to the TellYours2018 Troupe.

Over the next six months we will work with them to develop the UK storytelling scene, to hone their performance skills, and to grow the public understanding of storytelling as an artform. We will do this as a group through workshops, one-to-one mentoring, sharing sessions, social media campaigns and showcases. We hope you will follow our progress and contribute to the conversation on Instagram and Twitter  (check out #Tellyours2018) and that you’ll join us for one of our performances in July 2018 (more on this soon but oh mine we’re EXCITED).

Meanwhile, here’s the Troupe. And what an honour it is to retell the storytelling story with them.

Livia, Daniel, Melanie, Tom, Joy, Jen, Ralph, Rachel

Zahra Afsah was born and grew up in Tehran, Iran. She studies Eastern art and archeology at SOAS and in 2016 completed her second MA in Persian painting at Courtauld Institute of art where she focused on the link between oral storytelling and painting. She started her storytelling career by telling Persian tales to children and running workshops in schools where her focus has been on telling and retelling stories by Nizami and Firdawsi.

Lily Asch is a storyteller, social entrepreneur and mental health advocate. Some of her earliest memories include reading myths and fairytales, so she couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the TellYours team. She lives in Edinburgh, where she is completing her storytelling apprenticeship and where she founded Real Talk, a social enterprise dedicated to mental health storytelling, in 2016.

JC loves to gather and share tales. Traveling and living around the world, she finds stories to be a powerful thread in our common humanity. Drawing on African and Celtic folklore, JC uses story as a way to ignite a reconnection to the beauty and magic in our everyday lives.

Jordan Campbell has told stories in schools, at festivals, for charities and in universities. He has also performed for friends, at parties, around fires and on walks. He has a knack for performing with music and creating empathy through stories. He’s interested in working with different audience and communities.

Stephanie Josephs is a curious storyteller passionate about unearthing voices from the unknown, unheard and at the boundaries. Interested in oral traditions, past cultures and travel she believes in the power of story to bring people together. Loves accents, home cooked meals and happiest when creating, eating or sleeping.

Born in Cyprus, Polis Loizou is a performer, writer and film-maker who tells stories through a variety of disciplines. He’s performed his writing, including a one-man show about his motherland, across the UK. ‘Disbanded Kingdom’, his political debut novel about a feckless young man in London, will be released in 2018.

Born in Cardiff to a Welsh mother and a Nigerian father, Phil Okwedy left teaching in 2017 to become a full-time storyteller. With a style that is spare yet rich, Phil draws on the world’s oral traditions to create performances that are by turns direct, playful and deep.

Lifelong voracious story-hunter Laura Sampson grew up on Brer Rabbit and the bible, fell hard for Old Norse hero epics at UCL, then chased mythological warriors to Japan as a fledgling book agent. Home now in London, she promotes noh theatre, stage designers and storytelling events alongside her own exploits in performance, art and radio.

Born in Hong Kong, Ian Wong discovered drama at the age of 13 while at school in Singapore, and was introduced to spoken word in 2010. The true fire of inspiration fell, however, when a chance find in the town of Glastonbury led him to the real magic of storytelling.


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